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Scholé Days

Fridays are special days of restful learning (scholé) at Legacy Academy, open to classical Christian homeschool partners. 

For Legacy Academy students,

Scholé Days is an enjoyable capstone of review & application of each week’s content, already built into the school year's scope & sequence as well as tuition & fees. No additional cost is required of students enrolled in Legacy Academy.

Sample Schedule

Scholé Days for Homeschoolers


Scholé Days can be a drop-off program for homeschool students, though parents are welcome to attend classes with their K-8 student(s). Please, no younger siblings.


APPLICATION FEE - $25 (per homeschool family)

TUITION - $375 (per homeschool student)

MATERIALS FEE - $100 (per homeschool student) includes family binder, school T-shirt and classroom supplies


Tuition & fees are due in full at the start of the school year. Applications are received on a first-come, first-serve basis. Tuition assistance is not available for Scholé Days applicants.

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